Controlled Slicing process in white chambre with highly qualified staff

Slicing process

Above process is being made in a Department called Clean Room where entrance is allowed with sterile dresses, masks, shoes, gloves and hats. All steps are carefully monitored: from working staff to raw materials intake to air,
which is filtered and let in at a controlled temperature.
The final touch is given by the artisanal expertise of the operators that are placing the sliced portions in trays as a work of art.


Certified steps in every working phase, from raw material to delivery


Our HACCP document is contemplating severe controls from receipt of products to slice to shiipment and more. The suppliers of raw materials, packaging material, services, are being carefully selected to match our quality standards.
A precise analysis plan is being made to sampling the products in different phases and areas to check microbiological values and to act properly during clearing and washing of the production lines.


Stocking and handling process in temperatured controlled areas till the delivery


Sliced products are being placed in cells at temperature controlled between 0 and 4°C: the way we stock the sliced products allows a prompt availability for labelling , cartoning and shipment of any possible order that will reach us.
All operations are aimed to guarantee on time and precise shipments, with different production lots easy to detect in case of need: this means maximum flexibility to satisfy any request being sure of the Fifo process.


Detailed and easy to read information for a conscious consumption


Customers are more and more conscious of what they bring on to tables: a new well being philosophy that awards Companies like Perfetta, that has always aimed to the best and natural quality of the raw materials: that is why we want ‘ short labels’, i.e. the ones that do not need to show redundant information, easy to read and very clear in any aspect for everyone, being well aware that quality above all will be the the winning side of a company.
Labelling and correct managemeng of the stock insure the full traceability of the productions.


allow everybody to monitor and verify all the production steps


Perfetta has BRC and IFS certifications, that allow everybody to monitor and verify all the production steps and the rigid respect of the hygenical requirements along all the chain, granting not only the safety of the raw material sliced , but also an immediate risk management in case any problem could arise during production. All the items, before being released on the market, have to receive the positive advice of the Quality Department: that is why they have been submitted to organoleptic tests , shelf life tests , crash tests for trays and slices.

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